Datzmoji Sticker Pack

Datzmojis are for the bacon hoarding, doughnut licking, Nola loving, barbecuing, cocktail drinking unapologetic flavor crusaders.
Use these stickers to subtly tell your friends where to meet up for Sunday Funday Brunch or help persuade them to stop in for a donut after lunch.
How To Use Stickers:

-Tap a sticker to add it to your message thread
-Drag a sticker and drop it onto an existing text bubble or anywhere you want on the screen. Your iMessage chat buddy will see it appear at the same spot. Green bubble friends will see the sticker appear as an image texted to them.
-Scale and Rotate Stickers by touching it with a second finger before placing it on a text bubble.

We created this sticker pack for you to have fun with. If you've never used stickers, check out Apple's instructions on installing and adding them to your chat bubbles.